2T Blue Denim Shorts

Beau Hudson

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Denim Jeg Shorts made from real denim inspired from the classic 5 pocket style, including Beau Hudson’s authentic Signature back pocket stitching.

They have an elasticated waist that will stretch with your growing child (and also makes quick toilet dashes easier) without the hassle of bulky buttons and zippers, and Mr. & Miss Independent can get themselves dressed in the morning with ease! Now with REAL pockets they have been designed for comfort as much as style, made from 75% cotton 24% polyester 1% elastane. These stretch denim Jeg Shorts have been jumped in, super hero fly kicked in and pass with flying colours. 100% Unisex these Denim Jeg Shorts look perfect on both boys and girls.


1 To fit approx. 12-24 months

2 To fit approx. 24-36 months

3 To fit approx. 3 year old

4 To fit approx. 4 year old


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